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Conditions, treatments and issues explored using NIHR evidence

Overview of recent research on topics or themes that have been highlighted as being of interest by members of the community.

Themed Review

Living with Covid19

A dynamic review of the evidence around ongoing Covid19 symptoms (often called Long Covid). Key Messages Introduction What are we aiming to achieve with our Living with Covid19 review? Drawing on people’s experience How many people live with ongoing Covid19? Symptoms Diagnostic uncertainty Research into living with Covid19 Capturing the experience of ‘Long Covid’ Services ...

Themed Review

Moving Forward - A Guide for the Public

                Download the PDF A guide for the public on the latest physiotherapy research for the health and wellbeing of people with muscle, bone and joint pain This was published in association with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Keele University and Versus Arthritis. All information in these materials ...

Themed Review

Better Health and Care for All

Download the PDF  Foreword The last thirty years has seen big changes in health and social care to support people with learning disabilities. This includes a move from long-stay hospitals to supporting more people to live well in the community. But it is not easy – and we still have a long way to go ...

Themed Review

Better Health and Care for All - Easy Read

Health and Care services for people with learning disabilities Easy read summary     This Report is about research into learning disabilities. This research was paid for by the National Institute for Health Research. This is the Easy Read Summary. There is more information in the full report.       Contents Why is this report ...

Themed Review

Improving Care by Using Patient Feedback

Summary Both staff and patients want feedback from patients about the care to be heard and acted upon and the NHS has clear policies to encourage this. Doing this in practice is, however, complex and challenging. This report features nine new research studies about using patient experience data in the NHS.  These show what organisations ...

Themed Review

Moving Matters - Interventions To Increase Physical Activity

The NIHR physical activity evidence review will be an invaluable tool to anyone working in practice or policy. Evidence should be one of the key building blocks for any decisions. It helps decision makers determine what works and what doesn’t, what should be commissioned and prioritised, and (equally important) what should be stopped. The beauty ...

Themed Review

Staffing on Wards: Making decisions about healthcare staffing

Download the PDF Summary The nature of patient needs and ward activity  is changing. Inpatients tend to be more ill than they used to be, many with complex needs often arising from multiple long-term conditions. At the same time, hospitals face the challenges of a shortage and high turnover of registered nurses. This review presents ...

Themed Review

Help at Home - Use of assistive technology for older people

Download PDF  Summary More people are living longer with complex conditions and needs. Technology can help people to stay living well and safely at home as they get older. But technology is changing rapidly and it can be challenging to get the right technology for the right person with the right support. There has been ...

Themed Review

Moving Forward - Physiotherapy for Musculoskeletal Health and Wellbeing

Musculoskeletal problems are the leading cause of pain and disability in the UK. Characterised by pain and loss of function, these conditions can diminish quality of life, impact on family and social relationships, make everyday activities difficult and limit a person’s capacity to work. Physiotherapy is important for preventing and reducing the negative impacts of musculoskeletal conditions. Moving Forward provides an overview of research ...

Themed Review

Forward Thinking - Support for people with severe mental illness

Severe mental illness (SMI) affects somewhere between one in one hundred and one in two hundred adults. People with severe mental illness, like schizophrenia, psychosis or bipolar disorder, often experience poorer health and, as a result, die sooner than others. Psychotic illnesses can have a profound effect on people and their families, and appropriate and ...

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