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Become a reviewer

What are Alerts?

NIHR Evidence Alerts are short, accessible research summaries that are part of an initiative to increase the practical implementation of research results. They are written for the audience best placed to act on the evidence, including health and social care professionals, commissioners, patients and the general public.

Why do we need reviewers?

Obtaining short reviews of research publications from health and care professionals as well as patients, carers and the public, is crucial in helping us decide what research is developed into an Alert. We really value your view on the potential impact of NIHR funded research and what evidence should be disseminated.

If you want to help us provide research for all, assessed by you, become a reviewer here.

Please note that if you are registering as a public reviewer, we will be offering a small honorarium payment for each of your completed reviews. Please see our Payment Policy for further information.

What does being a reviewer involve?

As a reviewer, you will be asked to read the abstract of a published paper in a research area of your interest, for example, mental health, cancer or social care. Once you have read the abstract we will ask you a few questions to determine your view on the paper’s findings. We expect a reviewing task to take between 20 and 30 minutes. It is important to note that reviewing tasks are not compulsory and that you can always decline an invitation to review.

For more information on being a reviewer, please see the Reviewer Guidelines or contact us at

Register to become a reviewer here