About us

Who are we?

Every year, thousands of research articles are published in specialist academic journals. These contain vital information about the latest health and care research findings. Open Access policies mean that more and more people can now access those scientific research articles for free. But they’re often lengthy and full of technical language making them difficult to understand.

At NIHR Evidence we aim to bridge that gap and make the findings of the research we fund and support more accessible and understandable. This will help ensure important NIHR research findings can be used by everyone – whether you’re a member of the public, a health or care professional, commissioner or policy maker.

What we do

With the help of an Editorial Board of professionals and members of the public, we select NIHR-funded research studies that are most likely to be of interest to the public and professionals and inform changes to policy or practice. We write up the findings in plain English and highlight the difference they could make.

Our summaries come in two main types: 

  • summaries of single NIHR research studies (Alerts)
  • summaries of several NIHR research studies within a specific theme or health and care topic (Collections and Themed Reviews)

The summaries are reliable. They are based on research papers that have already been peer-reviewed by medical and scientific experts. They are up to date, containing the latest research information. Every stage of the process is carried out in collaboration with members of the public and professionals to ensure the summaries are as useful and usable as possible.


How are we supported?

NIHR Evidence is part of the NIHR. We are funded directly by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), and we are one of the UK’s largest funders of health and care research.

The NIHR’s mission is to improve the health and wealth of the nation through research. Effective dissemination of NIHR research evidence is a key part of that mission.

We are supported by and collaborate closely with the devolved administrations in Wales and Northern Ireland to share learning and help promote their research.


How can I get involved?

If you’d like to help us to decide which research findings should feature on NIHR Evidence then sign up to become a reviewer. We source reviews from health and care professionals and from members of the public who draw on health and social support.


How can I find out more about NIHR research?

The NIHR makes information about the research we do available to everyone. You can use this information to learn about a condition or disease, or to help family and friends to understand a new diagnosis. 

You can find plain English summaries of some NIHR studies on the NIHR Evidence site. You can also search for research results in the NIHR Journals Library. Here you will be able to access summaries of the research in addition to the full research articles.

To find out more about what research NIHR funds take a look at our Funding and Awards site.


How can I find out more about being part of research?

There are research projects happening every day across the UK that need volunteers to take part. Without volunteers, vital research that changes lives could not happen.

Learn about taking part in a study or getting involved with research teams and the NIHR to shape what research is funded and how it is carried out