NIHR Evidence

Health research must be informative, accessible and relevant to the public, patients, clinicians, health professionals, researchers, policy makers and health service managers. NIHR Evidence presents high quality summaries of findings so that health and care research can be used by all members of society.

We hope to produce our summaries in close collaboration with those who might use them, including clinicians, commissioners, patients and the public. If you'd like to help us to decide which research findings should feature on NIHR Evidence then sign up to become a reviewer.

Alerts Short summaries of the latest health research presented in plain English to promote use of research by all members of society. See all
Collections Overview of recent research on topics or themes that have been highlighted as being of interest by members of the community. See all
Themed Reviews Specially created reviews of recent research on topics of strategic importance for the UK health and social care system. See all

Sharing NIHR Research

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