Intravenous nutrition is more costly than feeding by stomach tube, with few added benefits

Critically ill people need some form of feeding to give them protein and energy. The NIHR funded this multicentre trial to compare the costs and effects of early intravenous nutritional support with enteral feeding, feeding by tube into the stomach or the intestine. Death rates and other important outcomes were similar when using either route. ...


Nexgen found to be best value for total knee replacement

This economic analysis, using routinely collected National Joint Registry data from 2003 to 2012, found that Nexgen was the most cost-effective brand of prosthesis for total knee replacement. The cheapest brand was AGC Biomet, but Nexgen gave greater quality of life improvement, and the additional cost for the benefit - £2,300 per quality-adjusted life-year - ...


Earplugs may reduce risk of confusion in patients while in intensive care

Earplugs appear effective at reducing the risk of patients in intensive care units (ICU) developing delirium, a state of confusion in people who are unwell. The effect was seen whether the earplugs were used alone or with other sleep aids like eye masks or soothing music. Earplugs also reduced the duration of confusion by around ...


Group clinics may be better than individual consultations for some elements of diabetes care

Group clinics for people with diabetes were effective in improving blood sugar levels, blood pressure and diabetes-related quality of life. There was no evidence of group clinics being better than individual appointments for other diabetes outcomes or in other health conditions. This systematic review examined group clinics, rather than individual appointments for the care of ...


Providing regular feedback on patient outcomes improves anaesthetists’ performance

This NIHR-funded study found that enhanced continuous monitoring and feedback was associated with an improvement in the performance of anaesthetists. A detailed monthly report contained data about outcomes, such as nausea, pain and discomfort, for individual patients. Anaesthetists received data by subspecialty and this included details of unusual cases, comparative data across patients and anaesthetists ...


Less stringent target oxygen levels for acute bronchiolitis are safe and effective

This NIHR-funded trial found that acute bronchiolitis in children can be safely managed to a slightly lower target level of oxygen saturation than currently used. Setting the level at which children might be taken off oxygen or allowed home at 90% or more led to resolution of cough in 15 days. Time to resolution of ...

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