Silk clothing for children does not reduce objective measures of eczema severity

Six months of wearing special silk clothing had no effect on objective measures of child eczema severity, infection rates or medication use. Children and carers reported some small improvements in eczema severity on two scales but their awareness of the clothing worn by their child may have slightly influenced their judgment. Overall quality of life ...


Moisturisers improve eczema symptoms and lessen the need for corticosteroids

Moisturisers help reduce eczema symptoms compared to no treatment, but to a minor extent. They do lengthen the time between each flare, and reduce the number of flares. Importantly they reduce the amount of corticosteroid creams required. Moisturisers seem well tolerated, though there is little data on patient satisfaction. This Cochrane review of 77 trials ...


Antibiotics for eczema that looks infected may be unnecessary in some cases

This trial found that when treating childhood eczema that clinically looked suspicious of moderate infection, adding antibiotic tablets or creams to the usual treatment of oils, lotions, creams and corticosteroids was not clearly beneficial. When eczema becomes infected, NICE recommends using antibiotics that are applied to the skin for small-scale infections and oral antibiotics for ...


Skin grafts may help heal diabetic foot ulcers and reduce amputations

Skin grafts and tissue replacement products can help heal diabetic foot ulcers in some cases, and may also slightly reduce the numbers of future amputations. Foot ulcers are common and can be hard to treat, but failure to heal them carries high risk for amputation and mortality. This review showed skin grafts or tissue replacement ...

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