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Helping people to die with dignity, compassion and comfort is an important goal of any health service. Recent accounts have provided rich insights into some of the challenges for healthcare professionals trying to meet the needs of people at the end of life, ranging from reports of inequalities in access to specialist palliative care to skills and training gaps for general staff caring for the dying.

DOI: 10.3310/themedreview-000826

Better EndingsBetter Endings - Right care, right place, right time

This themed review brings together NIHR evidence focusing largely on the quality and organisation of end of life care. It features:

  • Insights from health care professionals, researchers, patients and carers
  • 17 published studies
  • 12 ongoing projects
  • Questions for your organisation

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Produced by the University of Southampton on behalf of NIHR through the NIHR Dissemination Centre

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