Clinics and activities in primary care can reduce heart disease deaths

This review found that primary care interventions at an organisational level for people with coronary heart disease reduced death rates for up to six years after the intervention, compared to usual care. The structured interventions lasted between one and three years and included activities like organising dedicated clinics to monitor and adjust medication to meet ...


Reducing street lighting doesn’t lead to more road traffic accidents or crime

This NIHR study found that reducing or adapting street lighting was not linked to more road traffic accidents or crime in the UK. Many local authorities have changed their street lighting in recent years – switching off entirely, switching off for part of the night, dimming, or changing to energy efficient LED bulbs – to ...


Schools can provide valuable help for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

This series of NIHR-funded systematic reviews found that some things schools do (interventions) can help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. These were grouped into 15 main approaches including reward and punishment, skills training and self-management, creative-based therapies, such as music therapy, and structured physical activity. These reviews covered different strategies to change behaviour other ...


Two drug treatments for severe alcoholic hepatitis do not improve survival rates

This NIHR funded trial found that neither prednisolone nor pentoxifylline improved mortality for people with severe alcoholic hepatitis. No differences were found in mortality at 28 or 90 days, or in the need for liver transplant at one year. Overall mortality was high. Nearly three in ten people died before 90 days and more than ...


Financial incentives change health-related behaviour in the short term, but effects may not be sustained

This comprehensive review found that financial incentives were effective in changing individual health behaviours in the short term but not, in the few studies to look at longer term effects, beyond 18 months. Improvements stopped soon after the incentive was removed, though lasted a little longer for smoking cessation. Of the 34 studies included in ...

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